Android Market – What’s So Great About the Vivo Y73?


The Vivo Y73 is a very popular phone that has been manufactured by the company called Samsung. This phone was launched at the end of last year. As with any phone, this one also has some pretty good features. You will find here some tips to help you buy the best phone in the market – the Vivo Y73. vivo y73

* This is for example main camera on this smartphone. Actual photo might vary. The resolution of the main camera is about the same as most smartphone cameras but the other one has a much better picture quality and this reason alone is the reason why most people prefer this one instead of the others. It has a high resolution and this in turn means that you can take as many excellent photographs as you want, with almost all of them turning out good.

* Memory capacity of the vivo y 73 is about twice that of the iPhone 3G and the iPhone’s memory is also quite a bit smaller. The difference between the two comes in the size of the handset and the speed with which you can work on it. The iPhone has a lot of memory and this means that you can easily save your photos, games and movies and so on. On the other hand, the vivo y 73 has a much smaller memory capacity and this has meant that you can use the handset easily for its intended purpose. The only drawback with this is that the phone runs slower than usual when it comes to loading images and the general operation of the device is a little slower too.

* The handset comes in various colours. You can choose from the silver, gold and black colours. There are colour options for the main display as well as for the background of the screen and you can even get your own individual design etched onto the surface of the smartphone. The colour options for the body of the phone are really excellent. If you have always wanted an oversized rectangular smartphone, the vivo y 73 might be the one for you.

* A major selling point of the Vivo Y73 is its four mega-ixels camera. In the image above you will notice that the camera is really something special. It looks very sharp and has very good clarity. It can take pictures in good light but the main camera in the Vivo Y73 is capable of taking great pictures in poor light as well and you can get this ability at a relatively modest cost.

With such high levels of functionality and excellent camera setup, the Vivo Y73 really is one of the best smartphones currently available. It is a step up from the original version and comes with a price that won’t let you go hungry. At just over $400, the Vivo Y73 is perfect for those who are interested in purchasing a smartphone that can perform a great deal of tasks but don’t want to spend hundreds on a handset. The software and the build of this smartphone ensure that it won’t fall short of your expectations.

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