The Amazing Transformers Movie Review

For those of you who remember watching the 80’s animated cartoon Transformers, you will be very happy to find out a movie will soon be released featuring all the Autobots and Decepticons you remember from that time. You will also be happy to find this Transformers movie review highly recommends seeing the movie. Transformer review 2007 indicates that this transformer movie is very well written. The special effects are amazing and very believable.

If you grew up watching Transformers in the morning before school and then again in the afternoon you will absolutely enjoy this film. For those of you who are new to the concept you will find the Transformers 2007 movie review good enough to entice you to the theatre to discover for yourself what all the hype is about. afilmywap

This live action transformer movie is going to take the prize for the best action movie of year, maybe even the best action movie that has ever been made. For the very beginning of the Transformers movie you will be entranced. It starts out with the both the Autobots and the Decepticons living in peace on Cybertron.

The war begins after the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron, finds out about the power of the cube. The cube is a vital item because all life forms are derived from it. Megatron wants to take the power from the cube so that he can transfer all the life of Earth into his own Transformer. He left Cybertron when it got destroyed in the battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons.

The cube fell to Earth which is why all the Autobots and Decepticons ended up there. The Autobots came to save Earth from the hands of Megatron. Of course he came there to take over the entire Earth.

I have to tell you about one specific part of the show in this Transformers the Movie review. Sam has a cell phone that gets turned into a Transformer. Probably the best thing about the Transformers movie is the action scenes. It is very hard for me to explain to you in this Transformer movie review just how brilliantly done they are. You will absolutely love the final fight of the movie. It takes place in the middle of Los Angeles.

The Transformers themselves are very well done. There are a few differences from the original animated cartoon but I think you will find them for the better. I don’t want to give any secrets so I will just tell you Megatron has an amazing look you don’t want to miss.

There are plenty of other changes as well. For example Bumblebee used to be a Volkswagen Beetle. In this live action Transformers movie Bumblebee takes on the form of the 2008 Chevy Camaro that isn’t on the market yet. Optimus Prime is still an amazing semi truck, and Ratchet is a Ambulance. The voices of the Transformers are very powerful and they are a good replica of the original programming from the early 80’s.

By now you realize this is a very positive Transformers movie review but I can’t help it. Some remakes are best not done, but Michael Bay really did a marvellous job of taking the Transformers to the big screen. If you are worried about being the oldest person in the theatre don’t be – the average age group is between 21 and 40.

The Transformers movie really kept the audience at the edge

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